June 10, 2011 Meeting


Meeting was called at 7:00 pm. Present were Pete Braccio, Kent Castle, Reid Shipp. Robert Oler, J. B. Fox, Paul Brown and Jim Delwood.


Two presentations were given; one by Reid Shipp and the other by J. B. Fox


Reid presented the completed  hardware of his audio amplifier designed at the last meeting. He did an excellent job of constructing the amplifier and it sounded good. He has not made measurements of any of the audio parameters.


J. B fox presented a novel antenna. He used a hoola hoop as a basis for his magnetically coupled circular antenna. He will present the final assembly at the next meeting. The antenna will be for the 40 meter to 10 meters.

Pictures of the meeting and projects presented are attached.


June meeting pictures   (it's a big file and will take a few seconds more to load)