Herbert Lance Gordon

Lt. Cdr. Herbert Lance Gordon, U.S. Coast Guard Ret.

1919- 2011

Lance received a BS in EE from NYU and an MS from MIT. In 1939 he joined the Coast Guard. He became a naval aviator flying PBY- 5 Catalinas and other military aircraft. He was shot down by the Japanese while flying a C-47 over New Guinea. As an electronic expert, one of his many missions was to plant homing transmitters in Japanese held islands (He got there by submarine). Lance also served during the Korean and Viet Nam wars as a helicopter pilot. He retired and then worked for Halliburton in the oil industry.

As a ham radio operator (W5VNY), Lance participated in emergency communications during disasters, including hurricanes on the Texas Gulf Coast. He was Net Control on the Shrine Network to support the Shriner's Children Hospital in Galveston, Texas for many years. He participated in the Military Amateur Radio Service . His delight was to teach ham radio to many students at El Jardin Elementery School in Pasadena, Texas. He enabled students to talk to astronauts who were in flight. He was instrumental in starting the Bay Area Amateur Radio Club.

Lance led a very fruitful life -- too many actions to list here. Lance was a very humble and beloved man.  The members of BAARC will miss him very much.

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