Minutes of the April 2011 Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. Members present were Al Bieser, Kent Castle, Reid Shipp, Pete Braccio and Jim Delwood

Discussion of the emergency service involving the St. John Hospital were considered. Pete, Al and Jim presented the plans to the hospital which included the following plans;

1. Do nothing but for the hospital to call the club for support.

2. Have some plant employee to pass an amateur exam to secure a ham license to permit the hospital to use the ham bands legally

3. To obtain commercial equipment to permit the hospital to operate on their assigned frequency license which is due for renewal in a year or two

4  Subscribe to a trunking network such as one operated by Kenwood for which there is a monthly service charge

The hospital maintenance is now considering their their options. 

The club will take no action until a decision is made.


Pete Braccio gave a very interesting talk on radar and various equipment available. The meeting ended at 9:00 pm


A few pictures have been attached.

April Pictures

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