Minutes of the November 11, 2010


Meeting started at 7:00 pm.

Opening remarks concerned our attempts to talk with St. Johns Hospital regarding a suggestion of communication equipments for their emergency use. Pete Braccio spoke of his experience in the emergency preparations when working with NASA.  His experience will prove valuable in this situation with the hospital.

A motion to have our next meeting at Hibachi Grill on the first Thursday instead of our usual second Thursday and at 6:00 pm was made and passed. Spouses are invited to attend. Senior buffet is less than $9. The date is December 2.

Al Bieser brought the talk for the evening and introduced the group to the best way to transfer material to YOUTUBE.COM .

Present were:

Al Bieser, Reid Shipp, Kent Castle, Monica and Robert Oler, Pete Braccio. Joe Anderson, Paul Brown and Jim Delwood


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